From NFL Bust To XFL Star? The Latest On Johnny Manziel’s Football Career

Fans from all around the world have taken to the internet to voice their support for the idea of Johnny Manziel, a former quarterback for Kerrville Tivy High School, being recruited by the San Antonio Brahmas.

The XFL was created with the primary intention of granting individuals a second opportunity to realize their dreams of playing professional football. Throughout the month of February, the NFL will keep a close eye on former players from top leagues as they attempt to sign with other professional organizations.

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Nevertheless, the question that needs to be answered is this: Will Johnny Manziel actually play in the XFL in 2023? No, he will not be participating in the XFL this season. A user who goes by the handle ‘XFL 3.0 Memes’ made a post in which they addressed the Brahmas.

People were not ready for the news in fact some people tweeted about the matter

It was stated in a mocking manner that Manziel, who had previously won the Heisman Trophy while playing quarterback for Texas A&M, was going to sign with San Antonio on January 4. Even though the social media post was nothing more than a joke, many of the commenters on the post were under the impression that the scenario could in fact play out.

From NFL Bust To XFL Star? The Latest On Johnny Manziel's Football Career
From NFL Bust To XFL Star? The Latest On Johnny Manziel’s Football Career

The social media account that published the link was taken aback by the volume of reactions it received. There are currently four quarterbacks on the roster for the Brahmas, but there is no sign of Johnny Manziel anywhere on the team.

The four quarterbacks are Jack Coan from Notre Dame, Jawon Pass from Prairie View A&M, Anthony Russo from Michigan State, and Reid Sinnett from San Diego. Coan plays for Prairie View A&M, Pass from Michigan State, and Russo from Michigan State. We used as a source to collect information regarding the news.

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