Kyrie Irving $38000 Donation Brings Hope To North Texas Crash Victims Families

Sharath Yedavelli has very few recollections of the accident on March 2nd. Yedavelli, Vaani Yadlapati, and a third friend were returning to their dorms at the University of North Texas after attending evening classes there. Everyone, there was pursuing a master’s degree in data science, and they were all students.

A Chandrashekhar Reddy Yedavelli, Sharath’s brother, “It was raining, and the driver didn’t see the vehicle coming.”

The collision was reported to have taken place in Irving at the intersection of Valley Ranch and MacArthur Boulevard. Sharath suffered a fractured collar bone, a broken leg, multiple facial fractures, and tooth loss due to his accident.

After a week, he discovered his friend Yadlapati had perished in the accident. Amarnath Eedpuganti, a friend of the family who is grieving the loss of Yadlapati, expressed that the family is “kind of in shock.”

Kyrie Irving $38,000 Donation Brings Hope To North Texas Crash Victims Families

All of them hail from Hyderabad in the Indian subcontinent. At the age of twenty, Yadlapati, whom her family refers to as a prodigy, started working toward a master’s degree in data science at UNT. Her reticent demeanor belied her reputation as an exceptionally bright individual among her family and friends.

Eedpuganti remarked that she had a history of consuming information as if it were nothing. They are all here on student visas and have very little to no insurance to cover the costs of medical care and a funeral. The Yadlapati family attempted to raise money through GoFundMe, and in the end, they were able to locate a well-known and generous benefactor.

“I was suddenly shocked and surprised. I was seeing the name Kyrie Irving and immediately I Googled his name,” said Chandrashekhar Reddy Yedavelli.

The guard for the Dallas Mavericks, Kyrie Irving, was the person who contributed the most money to the fundraising page. It was reported that Irving had donated $38,000 to the families as a donation.

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Before searching for his name on Google, the families were completely unaware of who Irving was. They confessed to WFAA that cricket is their primary entertainment, not basketball.

“[It’s about] little acts of kindness every single day. I do my best to have discernment of reading people’s foundational messages and their missions,” Irving said in a press conference in early March.

Since he joined the Mavericks, Irving has also been connected to two other charitable donations. A school and an orphanage in Africa benefited from Irving’s contributions to two philanthropic organizations.

Newlyalex tweeted that Kyrie Irving reportedly made a $38,000 donation to the families of two UNT students. You can see below:

Both families can benefit from the money. While Yedavelli will require several months of rehabilitation, the body of Yadlapati was flown back to India for a respectful burial there.

“Everybody has money but no one has the heart to donate it,” said Chandrashekhar Reddy Yedavelli. “A big thanks for helping us and our family.”

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