Texas Teacher Pensions May See First Increase In 20 Years

Since 2004, monthly retirement checks for teachers who have left the classroom have stayed pretty much the same. The Texas Retired Teachers Association says that the average monthly pension for a Teacher Retirement System of Texas retiree is $2,145.

Judy Bryant said, “My annuity is the same as it was in 2006, even though a lot has changed in 17 years.” Bryan is a Dallas ISD employee who has retired.

According to NBC, Today, she adds to her pension and social security by working with the Texas chapter of the American Federation of Teachers and the Texas Alliance for Retired Americans. She helps push lawmakers for a cost-of-living adjustment, or COLA.

“We’re tired of having to go beg the government every other year, but that’s what we’ve been doing. She said, “That’s why I’ve been doing it for so long.”

But a new decision by Texas lawmakers could change that soon. Greg Bonnen, a Texas representative, said, “This is the bravest thing we’ve ever done to deal with the pensions of retired public school employees.” Also, check out Texas Outlaw Challenge Registration Open

Friday, the House voted unanimously to accept a constitutional change that will give pensions a 2%, 4%, or 6% cost-of-living adjustment every year. It would depend on how long a teacher has been out of the classroom.

Texas Teacher Pensions May See First Increase In 20 Years

The plan would also include an extra payment for people over 70, which would be paid for in part by Texas’s extra money and in part by a small increase in contributions from active workers. Bryant says that the COLA shouldn’t be a drag for people who still have jobs. She would also like it to go up to keep up with the cost of living. Still, she says it’s a good step forward.  You might read about AMOCO Gives More Than $80000 To A Junior Auction.

“We’re glad we’ve made it this far because we’ve never been able to before. Bryant said, “As retired teachers of all kinds, it’s a matter of respect for us.”

This bill will go back to the Senate and then to a conference committee, where the House and Senate will work out any differences between their versions. Under the House plan, the final decision would be made by voters in the fall.

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