Texas Senator Optimistic About The Future Of School Choice Movement

Whether it is through vouchers or education savings accounts, the movement to give parents in Texas more options for schools to which they can send their children looks to be gaining favor in Austin.

According to Republican State Senator Brandon Creighton, the mood of Texans is making its way into the Texas Capitol, as opposed to the concerns solely being pushed by select coalitions or the state’s regents.

“It’s, without a doubt, caught a grassfire of support and I think it’s just different than before,” the Conroe Republican told us on Inside Texas Politics.

The Future Of School Choice Movement

Democrats and rural Republicans

School choice refers to a policy in Texas that allows parents to utilize their state income tax dollars to send their children to schools other than those that provide public education. These schools may be private or charter schools.

Democrats and rural Republicans of both parties have worked together for a long time to oppose the effort, believing that it would siphon off excessive money from public schools, thereby undermining their standing.

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Yet, Creighton asserts that school choice advocates are diligently toiling behind the scenes to sway the opinions of rural Republicans. He says that they are gaining ground in this arena as well.

“It’s a new day for how we look at education in Texas going forward,” said the Senator. “It’s really surprised me that a lot of those sort of rigid lines and narratives, we’ve broken down a lot of barriers in this particular topic and many are coming to the table that haven’t been at the table before.”

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