The Texas Trucker The Seattle Podcaster And Family Murder

In a case described as the “worst nightmare” by police who attempted to serve a protective order, a podcaster, and her husband was found shot to death in their suburban Seattle home, along with a guy suspected of following the podcast presenter for months.

Before Friday’s killings, Redmond Police Chief Darrell Lowe claimed that police had been attempting to serve a protective order on Ramin Khodakaramrezaei, 38, but were having trouble finding the truck driver from Texas. The court order had just been delivered to Mohammad Milad Naseri, 35, and Zohreh Sadeghi, 33, a week before.

After Listening To Sadeghi’s Podcasts

After leaving the house and running to a neighbor’s home on Friday at 1:45 a.m., Sadeghi’s mother dialed 911.

Police discovered Naseri lying on the ground next to the home’s door and brought him outside, where they found he had been shot. They tried CPR, but he passed away right there. Officers entered the house and found Sadeghi and the suspect dead.

This is by far the worst result for a stalking case. The worst nightmare of every victim, investigator, and police chief exists here, according to Lowe, who spoke at a media briefing on Friday afternoon.

 Texas Trucker The Seattle Podcaster

After listening to Sadeghi’s podcasts, Khodakaramrezaei made friends with her in a chat group for Farsi speakers looking for employment in the tech sector in late 2021. Lowe said the two had met before their interactions turned into threatening phone calls and in-person meetings in the fall.

In her request for a protective order, Sadeghi stated that Khodakaramrezaei had threatened to visit her house, set it on fire, and left voicemails saying that he wouldn’t stop until “he killed himself or died.”

Sadeghi tried to stop speaking to Khodakaramrezae. Still, the harassment persisted, leading her to call the police twice—once in December and once in January—as his acts became more severe.

According to Lowe, the suspect once made more than 100 calls to Sadeghi daily. He emphasized that a restraining order does not shield the subject from danger if “someone is bent on causing them harm,” as police can only intervene in response to an order violation.

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According to her LinkedIn page, Sadeghi is a software engineer who has previously worked for Promontory MortgagePath and attended graduate school at the University of Washington. Since January 2022, Nasiri has been employed by Amazon. He wrote in his blog that when still a child in Iran, he was regarded as Tehran’s second-best singer in 2007 before enrolling in the Sharif University of Technology. After relocating to the US, the pair were married in 2011.

Some of Nasiri’s blog entries describe his attempts to gain a position with Google, which he eventually did in 2017. Before obtaining the job at Amazon, he spent five years there.

Lil Bleach tweeted that Texas Trucker Stalked A Seattle Tech Podcaster. You can check below:

Even though most of Nasiri’s posts were about work or technology, he wrote in October to express his condemnation of the death of a 16-year-old girl amid Iranian protests over the treatment of women following the end of a 22-year-old woman who the nation’s morality police had detained.

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